Snuggling up with a Good Cookbook

June 4, 2008


I love cookbooks! Any time I am in a bookstore you know where to find me. I love to look at the pictures, I use them for cooking new things and I even read them in bed. I read them from cover to cover, always looking for new little tidbits of information or perhaps a new technique or ingredient. 


One of my latest purchases has been absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it. It is Mollie Katzen’s, “The Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without.” I have yet to try a recipe that wasn’t delicious. The recipes are alphabetical by vegetable which makes it easy to find a recipe for whatever you have on hand or is in season. Some recipes are quite simple, such as the Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Others although not difficult do take some time, like the Green Beans Amandine, which have wonderful leek “chips” that take a while to make but are well worth it.


I’ve been asked for several recipes of things I’ve made from this book. These recipes have also pursuaded some friends and family that they now “need” this cookbook.


And I am happy to note that I’ve discovered someone else who also reads cookbooks in bed.




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