The Love of Vegetables

July 23, 2008

Where did this love begin? If I were to pick an age, I would have to say it began around age five. And if I were to pick a vegetable that began it all, I think it just might be peas.

I’m sure the memories grow fonder as I get older but I can remember shelling a big bowl of peas for dinner and eating almost as many raw as I put in the bowl. Not to mention the ones I ate while picking the peas in the first place. And it was always a contest to see who would find and eat the first of the season.

Growing up my parents always had a huge garden. I can still see tall cornstalks and sprawling cucumbers and zucchini against the black of the soil. We were fortunate at the time to live in a place with very rich black soil. I never appreciated it until I tried to plant my own garden as an adult and realized things don’t always grow well just by planting a seed and watering it. I don’t remember my parents buying vegetables much back then.

One day I hope to have a large garden. But until then I’m fortunate to live in a city with several farmer’s markets and grocery stores that carry organic food.

But I have to say, there is nothing that compares to a vegetable eaten within minutes or even seconds of being picked. And I do think everyone should get to enjoy the deliciousness of a fresh picked carrot, quickly rinsed and eaten with a little dirt still on it.


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