Menu of the Week

September 1, 2014

Wow! It’s already week four in this Menu of the Week series.

I’m guessing some of you may be wondering where the meat is. You can certainly add your own. But for all of those people who wonder and ask what vegetarians/vegans can eat – especially when you’re gluten free. These menus are my answer.

I have way more flavor and variety in my diet than I ever did before I became vegetarian. I even became a better and more adventurous cook.  All of these meals can be gluten free – some things I have tried and true recipes for, some you can find at most grocery stores.

You may love having some new recipes to try or you may opt to pick things up at the local deli or restaurant. Either way I hope you are feeling less stressed and more inspired about dinner. Enjoy!


Curried Vegetables with Dal
Indian Potato Pancakes
Mango Sorbet


Taco Salad


Jamaican Rice and Beans
Fresh Fruit


Chips and Guac


Baked Pasta – red or white sauce
Broccoli and or Salad
French Bread


Black Bean Soup
Tostadas with Toppings


Chickpea Croquettes w/Greek Salad Topping
Greek Rice Pilaf


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