Cooking as Meditation

December 11, 2008


It’s funny how for so many years we’ve been learning ways to better multi-task so we can get more done in less time. Now it seems the thinking is that it is better to be “present”, to be focused on doing a good job on one thing at a time and then moving on to the next.

I have to say that for me cooking really allows me to be present. Whether I am following a recipe or making something up, I need to be present while cooking or everything will get messed up. 

Chopping vegetables or sauteing onions or measuring ingredients are very much like a meditation that keeps me present with the rhythm of it all. At other times of the day I have to remind myself to be present. But when I am cooking, I just am.

With busy schedules it’s not always easy to squeeze in cooking or meditation. Believe it or not you can do both. Especially with dishes that require chopping or stirring. Stir fry and risotto come to mind. Both of which taste way better from scratch. Homemade french fries are also a favorite of mine for this. Piles and piles of potatoes!